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What is housing disrepair?

April 15, 2020

Here at Antony Hodari solicitors, we specialise in all things housing disrepair. So we thought it best to talk you through the legal obligations bestowed upon your landlord and the issues of disrepair which they must rectify, as well as any damages which are available to be claimed if problems have arisen.

So What is housing disrepair?

Firstly, if you are a tenant living in rented accommodation, your landlord has to legally ensure that specific provisions have been made for your safety and wellbeing. These include:

  • That you have working water, gas and electricity which is accessible safely in case of an emergency.
  • That your home isn't also home to any insect infestations, mice, rats or any other form of uninvited animal tenants.
  • That you have access to all sanitary provisions, such as a bath, sink etc.
  • The dwelling has a working heating system and is free of damp or mould throughout.
  • Structurally the house is secure and is liveable without fear of disrepair.

All of the types of disrepair stated above can bring about legal proceedings, whereby the tenant can claim compensation relating to:

Health issues - If the tenant or any of their family have suffered health-related problems as a result of the disrepair.

Damage to household belongings - If any of the tenant's possessions incur damage due to the disrepair or the fixing of the disrepair.

General inconvenience -  If some or most of your house is inhabitable due to the level of disrepair this is classed as a general inconvenience

There are multiple ways that disrepair can happen to a dwelling here are a few which you may have encountered.

  • Cracks in internal walls.
  • Faulty or broken boiler.
  • Loose slates on the roof, allowing water and draught to ingress.
  • The occurrence of vermin, such as mice or rats.

What can WE do next?

If your landlord hasn't kept your home in a good state of repair, here are the ways we can help!

Firstly we look into your tenancy agreement and collect all the facts and information regarding disrepair.

Before instructing a professional surveyor to complete a report.

We consider any illness or poor-health which has occurred due to the disrepair, as well as any other losses such as damage to property etc.

Request the landlord to make the repairs within an agreed timeframe.

Try to negotiate an early settlement, without court action.

Explain the court proceedings if needed.

What now?

Well, if you think you have issues of housing disrepair get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to help and progress your claim through the necessary means.

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