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Proving Housing Disrepair

March 30, 2021

Proving housing disrepair can often be more difficult than initially meets the eye.

As a tenant you have the legal right to live in a home which means certain legislative standards. Ultimately your landlord is responsible for the dwelling in which you live and it's condition of upkeep. When it comes to proving housing disrepair on behalf of tenants we have been a sector expert for over 35 years. Therefore, you're in incredibly safe hands with us.

disrepair, housing disrepair claims, cracked house
The cracked exterior of a house, which could lead to internal housing disrepair issues.

Notice is the main stumbling block!

When it comes to proving housing disrepair. It's absolutely pivotal that you can prove that your landlord has neglected to maintain your home. However, saying they have failed and contacting us without giving the opportunity to rectify the problems can be a major downfall in your case.

Sufficient notice!

The defect must have been brought to your landlords attention, as it's unreasonable to expect them to make changes to something they are unaware of. After receiving a notice of disrepair which falls into the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord becomes liable for the damages. If they fall to make the necessary repairs you'll have a good claim. If you don't have the notice, the landlord may make the repairs, but it's unlikely you'll receive compensation.

Recording your correspondence.

It's often the case that we are contacted by clients who have little to no recollection of when they reported the disrepair. If there is also no specific date provided in the information we receive from the landlord, proving sufficient notice is almost impossible.

Therefore, when reporting the housing disrepair, we would suggest sending an email. That way you have a solid trail of correspondence between the landlord and yourself.

How vital is notice?

A housing disrepair claim can not be successful if the tenant can't prove they have give notice to the landlord.

Mould, mouldy walls, housing disrepair, housing disrepair issues
Mould inside of your home can lead to health problems and is a housing disrepair issue.

What about damages?

The damages you receive are calculated based on the date that a reasonable landlord would have completed the repairs.


In conclusion, when it comes to housing disrepair claims, it's pivotal that you keep record of the conversations with your landlord. Sending emails and saving them will really benefit your claim. We hope you never need our advice, but you'll thank us one day if you do!

If the information above has helped you to understand how you may have a housing disrepair claim. Don't be scared to contact us. You could be owed thousands of pounds and not even know it. Contact Antony Hodari Solicitors today and we will do the hard work on your housing disrepair claim.

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