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Housing Association falls foul of the Regulator

July 26, 2021

Eldonian Community Based Housing Association (CBHA). A Liverpool-based housing association which is responsible for just under 400 homes, was found non-compliant this past week.

More housing associations have come under scrutiny in the past few months. Largely in the shadow of what is best labelled a 'disaster' few months for Clarion. The housing giants failure to provide adequate living conditions for tenants has led to national criticism, and rightly so! Furthermore, it has also tightened the screw on other negligent associations. Meaning tenants may finally start to see the conditions they deserve.

The main issues arose for Eldonian, when it was found they had failed to disclose a governance report. The report from October 2020 had not been witnessed by the regulations committee. The 2020 report concluded... "the management committee did not understand its responsibilities. Nor was it meeting the regulatory standards".

2020 had seen the retirement of multiple vital figures within the Eldonian structure. All responsibilities were then left to a board of interim officers. The regulation committee identified "a serious breakdown in the governance, operations and control framework of the provider…potentially putting tenants and social housing at risk".

The Regulator of Social Housing also stated they "will continue to engage with Eldonian CBHA as it seeks to become compliant with the regulatory standards." They will also "consider whether any further regulatory action is required."

When those in control of the living conditions of so many people can't keep their own house in order, what hope do those tenants have? It's continually upsetting to see so many housing associations getting it wrong. However, with our help, we aim to make sure all of those wronged tenants can get the support they deserve.

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