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Gove gives warning to social housing providers

October 8, 2021

In his first week in the job, new housing secretary Michael Gove took aim at the quality of social housing. Describing the current quality as 'scandalously poor', Gove also suggested that incentives may be implemented for standards to improve.

The new housing secretary went on to say, 'there are people who are living in conditions which are in conditions affected by damp and other factors, which hold back the flourishing of children and families."

In recent months, primarily supported by the investigations of ITV News, social housing has come under increased scrutiny. Despite setting out a proposal to increase regulations in the sector back in October 2020, no date has yet been provided for the legislation needed.

Gove went on to comment on how he believes some people may be stuck in a situation whereby they live in social housing for most of their adult lives. Therefore the need for adequate regulations is a must to protect those in such a situation.

When summarising what his department will be working on in the coming months, Gove stated. "investing more in urban regeneration...a better deal for those in social housing...and helping those who currently rent to own their own homes."

"Our mission will also mean keeping faith in the victims of Grenfell. honouring their memory, making everyone's home greener and sharing the cost of that work more fairly."

Mr Gove made all the right noises in his opening statement; however, how long change will take and indeed how stringently legislation will be enforced upon social housing providers is very much a case of, let's wait and see.

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