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Dangerous council homes have more than trebled...

April 15, 2020

So here's the issue. Every year the number of council homes up-and-down the country which are deemed to be hazardous and therefore dangerous to live in grows. As these numbers show no sign of slowing down. It means more and more tenants are living somewhere where they could be entitled to damages. Especially when the state of disrepair causes ill-health to the tenant or any of their family.

The figure in the UK has risen to over 8100 homes, over three times the number from the previous year. This figure only includes those homes which are deemed to be a 'serious hazard'. Therefore, it doesn't include those falling lower down the scale of severity.

As the waiting lists grow and the stock of available housing dwindles, more and more people will inevitably require legal support. That is where we come in. We can support you in your search for damages and bring legal proceedings against your landlord.

The Number of dangerous council homes.

In England, there are over 245,000 people in homes which fall under the 'poor quality' standard. And therefore fail to meet the Decent Homes Standard. This number is way above and beyond what we expect in 2020. With unliveable homes scattered across the country, now is the time to stand up. You should not live somewhere which doesn't meet the adequate standards.

If any of the above sounds like a situation, you have found yourself in. Or, if you know of anyone who is being subjected to a less than satisfactory standard of living due to housing disrepair. Follow any of the steps below and get in touch with us. Dangerous council homes are not something which you should just be putting up with. So make sure to have a specialist housing disrepair solicitor on your side.

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