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Claim against landlord - Tenancy Deposit Claims

All you need to know about Tenancy Deposit Claims

It may come as a surprise to you but once you pay your tenancy deposit to your landlord they have 30 days to place the deposit into a tenancy deposit protection scheme. The law says if the deposit isn’t paid into one of the three recognised schemes or it is paid after the thirty day period, tenants are able to bring a tenancy deposit claim against the landlord. 


Your money is your money! 

The reasoning behind tenancy deposit schemes is to stop landlords from using a deposit as a form of income in another manner. Legally your landlord can’t go to the shops to buy food with money that is a deposit paid by you. Tenancy deposit schemes also make it easier for tenants to get their money back once the tenancy ends. Therefore alleviating the need for tenancy deposit claims.

Tenancy deposit claims are fairly new claims and therefore landlords continue to ignore the rules and regulations regarding their behaviour. With help from a tenancy deposit claims expert you'll be in safe hands.

What’s the law?

The Law is pretty simple regarding tenancy deposits. As mentioned above every landlord must place tenancy deposits into one of the three schemes. Landlords have 30 days from the day the deposit was paid to deposit it. If they fail to do so or do so after that period you are able to claim anywhere from 1-3 times the amount paid.

Landlords must also make you aware of the whereabouts of your deposit and give you all the necessary information regarding the deposit itself otherwise you are able to bring a tenancy deposit claim to action.

Do you have to go to court?

When it comes to tenancy deposit claims you don’t always have to go to court. Our advice would be to deal with a tenancy deposit expert who may be able to get you a much better settlement out of court.

How will you know if they’ve broken the law?

Most of the time the tenant will be aware of any wrongdoing regarding tenancy deposits. However if you are unsure you are able to contact the three deposit schemes to find out.

Claim against landlord. How can we help you?

As an expert firm of housing law solicitors who have been trading for over 35 years’ we know this sector incredibly well. Our no-win no-fee basis means that all our work on your tenancy deposit claim is free unless we are able to progress and successfully represent your claim. 

Don’t let your landlord be in complete control of you. Bring a claim against your landlord. Contact us today!

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