Tripping or slipping in a public place can cause a lot more than just embarrassment for the victim. Often, injuries sustained in such incidents are severe and require hospital treatment, with other possible effects including the need to take time off work or undergo further prolonged medical care, which is common in tripping and slipping accidents that result in broken limbs.

Many tripping and slipping accidents are entirely preventable. Every time you enter a public place that is owned by someone else, whether it is a shop, cinema or swimming pool, the owner has a duty of care towards you to ensure that your passage through is unhindered and safe.

Sometimes this responsibility is neglected, leading to potentially dangerous scenarios where tripping or slipping can occur. If you are the victim of an accident and it can be proved that the owner of a property or public area has failed to provide a safe environment to move through, there may be a basis to make a compensation claim.

Typical cases seen by the lawyers at Antony Hodari include incidents where:

  • Spillages were not adequately cleaned or signposted
  • Hard-to-navigate areas have been poorly lit
  • Proper support or guard rails were not in place
  • Trip hazards have been left unfixed or unsignposted

In addition, local councils have a duty to ensure that public areas under their responsibility are maintained to allow for the safe passage of pedestrians. Raised utility grids, broken paving stones and inadequate safety barriers can all lead to slipping or tripping accidents and, in many examples, a case for personal injury compensation.

If you have been injured in a slipping or tripping accident that was not your fault and it can be proven that another party has failed in their responsibility to provide a safe environment, talk to the experts at Antony Hodari. Our legal teams can help to assess your case, deciding whether or not there is a claim to be made and if so, how best to proceed. Don’t struggle alone with the consequences of a tripping or slipping accident. Contact us today for a consultation.

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  • If you have a case to pursue we will send one of our representatives to go through our documentation.
  • Your slip or trip accident claim is dealt with on a no win, no fee basis.
  • We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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