The Highway Code states that motor vehicle users have a duty of care to prevent road accidents to pedestrians and must adjust their driving according to the changing circumstances of the road. However road accidents occur and common examples are failing to reduce speed when it appears likely that someone is going to cross or step on to the highway, not being mindful of pedestrians when driving through busy areas and not giving the car in front adequate room to maneuver.

However, despite the protection offered by The Highway Code, accidents to pedestrians can still happen. Often those affected are among our most vulnerable road users: children or the elderly, whose injuries can range from minor scrapes to broken limbs and more severe cases requiring extensive medical attention.

In cases where it can be proven that road accidents have been caused as a result of careless or negligent driving on the part of vehicle users, there may be a basis for a personal injury claim.

Some scenarios which might lead to road accident claims include cases where the driver:

  • Did not see a pedestrian crossing the road
  • Was driving too fast for road conditions
  • Failed to pay attention to traffic calming signs or pedestrian crossings
  • Was distracted by the use of a phone
  • Had been driving under the influence of drink or drugs

If you have found yourself in a situation similar to those outlined above, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Even if you feel that you may have been partially responsible for the accident or if it was the fault of a hit-and-run or uninsured driver, you may still be able to seek personal injury compensation.

Antony Hodari has teams of trained lawyers who are able to deal with cases involving road traffic accidents to pedestrians and drivers and passengers. By speaking to our expert legal advisers, you can benefit from the guidance and support needed to get you through this difficult time.

Benefits of using Antony Hodari road traffic accident solicitors to make an injury claim:

  • We will help you get the compensation you deserve
  • No Win No Fee means nothing to pay when you claim
  • Experienced solicitors with 27 years experience
  • Simple and easy to understand claims process


Making a road accident claim

  • Simply provide us with basic details of your road accident claim.
  • We will immediately give you an honest assessment of your case and advise.
  • If you have a case to pursue we will send one of our representatives to go through our documentation.
  • Your road accident claim is dealt with on a no win, no fee basis.
  • We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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