Like cyclists and pedestrians, motorbikes are afforded some protection under The Highway Code; however, as with those two groups, they can be among the most vulnerable users of the road and highly susceptible to accidents.

In addition, motorbikes are more exposed than car drivers, so the effects of any crash can be much worse. Motorcycle accident solicitors and lawyers see many motorbike claims with injuries ranging from minor scuffs to more severe ones such as broken limbs or head trauma.

Each of these requires a different level of medical care and rehabilitation and, in some cases, leads to the victim being forced to take time off work.

What makes things worse is that in a lot of examples seen by motorbike accident claims solicitors, incidents occur not because of rider error but because of other factors on the road, such as:

  • Other vehicle users turning left without seeing motorbikes
  • Poor road surface conditions
  • Defective or obscured signposting
  • Animals entering the highway

According to the Department for Transport, the majority of accidents involving Right Of Way Violations are found not to be the fault of the rider, with only 21% of incidents being caused by bike users. Another statistic shows that, of the accidents where other road users are considered to be to blame, more than 68% came as a result of a driver not seeing a motorcyclist, even though they should have been in full view and indeed were to other witnesses.

Figures such as these illustrate the importance of protecting motorcycle users on our roads. Similarly, they display a clear need to award adequate compensation for instances when surfaces, signposts or other drivers are to blame for motorbike accidents.

If you have been injured on the road, Antony Hodari can assess your case and determine if there is a claim to be made. Our main priority is to help you maintain as much stability in your life as possible, which we do by offering in-depth advice on a range of legal and financial issues. With the support of our motorbike accident compensation solicitors, you can obtain the compensation due to you and return to normality as quickly as possible.


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